Customer's voice


  • Control over steel service center
  • Accurate sales
  • Shortened throughput time
  • Material savings
  • Reduced person-hours
  • Efficient utilization of machines
  • Improved quality


“NESTIX’ sales pricing tools are very useful. We are able to exactly calculate our own costs for all the parts as the material costs and the working time workshop costs are taken into account. This guarantees that the quotations we give are precise and the orders we accept are always profitable.

The best added value of NESTIX is that we can manage the whole production chain in one data system, from quotation to delivery of the prefabricated products – and just in time. The rate of material utilization and efficiency of workshops are also achieved with the help of the NESTIX software.”

Marko Tyynismaa
Concept Owner,
Ruukki Metals


“We have some seven steel service centers to manage at Ruukki. Our centers need integrated data systems to create synergies and to serve our customers reliably and just in time. With NESTIX we have established a close, long-term cooperation which we benefit from in many ways in the steel prefabrication business. Our production is under control and we produce parts and assemblies that match with the highest quality standards.”

Sakari Kallo
Senior Vice President, Production,
Ruukki Metals


"We studied different approaches to data management for our steel prefabrication business. In terms of functionalities and costs, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have two systems with their separate roles: SAP ERP is responsible for enterprise-level planning and management, NESTIX SSC takes care of production control in prefabrication shops at the detailed material and order-level. The concept works very well in practice as the systems interface seamlessly with each other for data sharing and integration."

Jussi Juvani
Director of Corporate IT Services,
Ruukki Metals