Integrated data system for prefabrication and assembly production

One data system, NESTIX SSC, covers the needs of part fabrication and welding assembly, and also quarto plate cutting. NESTIX is a specialized software that supports steel service business to be profitable. NESTIX is successfully linked to the SAP ERP system which takes care of its responsibilities in financial administration, sales and invoicing after the works have been completed in the prefabrication.

Networking over the production sites, customers, material suppliers and subcontractors

Ruukki’s prefabrication sites work closely with each other to create synergies in supporting the end customers. Many of these sites are integrated into one NESTIX data system to maximize synergy, flexibility and transparency in controlling the business. NESTIX includes software tools for building efficient cooperation for material dispatching, subcontracting and customer partnership.

Precise sales

NESTIX takes into account material cost, part geometries, workshop costs and multiple customer orders in one and the same nesting, making prefabrication service pricing with NESTIX accurate and helping in accepting profitable orders only.

Better utilization of steel materials

The advanced material forecasting, reservation and purchase management in NESTIX have reduced the size of material stock. The detailed control of orders, geometries, materials, remnants and production machinery, together with integrated nesting of parts, have improved material utilization.

Improved utilization of resources

The sophisticated shop floor control by scheduling production and its work phases into work queues, estimating the workload of production machinery and operators as well as following the status of the workshops in real-time have improved production efficiency remarkably. Throughput times have been shortened, thus increasing the prefabrication capacity and the amount of end products.

Quality in control

The detailed tracking of individual materials and their locations from purchasing stock to end products, including all work phases, means full traceability of the production history, leading to an improved quality of production and the end products.