Centralized solution

The project was performed in two phases. First took NESTIX over the production processes from order management to delivery. This made it possible to manage efficient production at the brand new production site, divided in four sections containing seven cutting machines, blasting and other production machinery.

On the second phase, the sales, purchase, invoicing and several special functionalities were added to the system. Material management with automated material reserving, inventory, stock data gathering and material value calculation were further developed in close cooperation with Flinkenberg. Now the NESTIX SSC production management system was responsible for all the Flinkenberg Steel Service Center functions at the Valkeakoski site; from sales to invoicing and intrastate reporting.

Customer-specific features

The project also included the development of customer-specific features. Developing something new is always challenging and obstacles are inevitable. The close coperation and direct communication with the customer’s personnel made it possible to develop a suitable solution for efficient and smooth production management.

Efficient sales and profitable pricing

NESTIX enabled accurate workload estimation for cutting and other work phases. This, combined with exact material usage estimation, meant accurate cost calculation.

The sales team is able to see an accurate balance for quotations, the availability of material on the due date and the current workload information. This makes the sales process quick and profitable. The approved sales order is moved to production with a single click. After delivery, it is possible to compare the sales order with the results for fine-tuning sales estimates.

Real-time control and data storage

NESTIX SSC made it possible to control the real-time production flow, a specific order and parts in details, the status of work stations and stock, etc. The intermediate storage places for each part, remnant and plate are maintained in the system. Whether the user works on sales, work preparation, production or delivery, they have all the required information available in the equivalent NESTIX module. The situation in production can change rapidly but information on the changes is available for the responsible personnel, which makes it possible to react immediately.

Tools for business development

NESTIX gathers data from all material events and work phases. Therefore, there is plenty of history data available for top management for predicting the future and planning new investments. The quotation and order history, when compared to production history, gives Flinkenberg valuable information for planning future business.


In order to keep up with the high demands of steel service industry, Flinkenberg Steel Service Center and NESTIX have continued their successful cooperation by adding new advanced features.