Customer's voice


  • Control over block production
  • Shortened throughput time, more blocks
  • Material savings
  • Reduced person-hours
  • Efficient utilization of machines
  • Improved quality


"We wanted the best solution for the steel service center’s production management for our new and modern production facilities. Based on our experience, we can say that running production of this magnitude wouldn't be possible without the NESTIX SSC system."

Mikko Puotiniemi
Oy Flinkenberg Ab


“NESTIX has enabled an effortless way to keep track of the current stock material values based on purchases and material consumption. With this and the help of accurate work time estimations, NESTIX has made it possible to make sales at a competitive price. The sales staff know the exact covering, which has made it easier to do profitable business.

There is no gap between sales and production or between production and invoicing since all the functionalities are covered by one system - NESTIX. This one-for-all solution has proved to be successful for us.”

Pasi Närvänen
Department Manager,
Oy Flinkenberg Ab