Flinkenberg Steel Service Center was expanding, and its existing management solutions and facilities could no longer match the demands of the production. A new production site was under construction in Valkeakoski, Finland. The expanding business needed centralised management for efficient production.

Distributed functions

Creating a perfectly working information flow between the departments of the SSC was challenging. Several IT systems, applications and manual procedures were used on the production chain, from sales to delivery. The aim was to cover all the Flinkenberg Steel Service Center functions in one IT system.

Status of production

One of Flinkenberg's objectives was real-time follow-up of each customer order and each individual part throughout the production chain. Other points of interest for real-time monitoring and controlling were delivery times, material flow and work queues of each cutting machine and other workstations. Over a longer time span, Flinkenberg wanted to follow the utilization of cutting machines, material usage and sales figures from various aspects.

Challenges of storage management

In order to enable continuous production, it is necessary to keep up with the locations of processed parts on-site. The same applies for raw material, remnants and packages of completed products waiting for delivery. Real-time storage management in the middle of busy production was inadequate and troublesome.

Accurate cost for quotations

Efficient sales requires good tools for accurate cost calculation. The aim for improving cost calculation was to change it so that the time and cost of each work phase is calculated accurately for quotations. In addition, the amount of real material consumption and scrap percentages are very important. Sales tool that cooperates with work preparation tools like the NESTIX solution enables these accurate work estimates.