Integrated control of whole block production

One data system, NESTIX SHIP, covers the needs of part fabrication and block assembly. Production is balanced and synchronized in all the workshops and work phases. The amount of data systems in hull production has been reduced by 80 % which is great benefit in many ways. NESTIX is successfully integrated with AVEVA MARS ERP and project management systems which have their duties out of the part and block production.

Ship design integrated to production

Design interface according to rules set between the ship design and NESTIX has been taken into use, thus making it possible for the designer to detect errors in the design information and correct them before transfer into production. This means improved control in ship design, reducing the amount of work in work preparation by 70 %.

Advanced material management

Advanced material forecasting, reservation and purchase management in NESTIX has reduced the size of material stock, but the most important factor is that the material is now really under control. Materials are managed both on individual (raw material and remnants) and article level.  The detailed control of the information (orders, geometries, materials, remnants and production machinery) and integrated nesting of parts have also improved the material utilization.

Improved planning and logistics features

NESTIX estimates production workload accurately thanks to the use of real geometric information to estimate the process time. Planning and scheduling machine work queues and applying LEAN pull-based production to get material, parts and assemblies into workshop to start the work are now in use. Logistics both inside the shipyard and with subcontractors has clearly improved since material, parts and assemblies guided with “home calls” in NESTIX are always available in the next work phase.

Production traceability in real time

As a result of the project, the “real time” production status has been achieved by following up all the important part production and assembly work phases in one system – NESTIX. It has considerably improved the control and traceability of the whole production process. The production history is now traced at every work place, each part can be traced into material individual (charge number) and locations of parts and assemblies on pallets at the shipyard are known.

Efficient production

NESTIX controls all dependences in part fabrication and block assembly, and supports the principles of LEAN production. The efficiency of many workshops has increased. This means better utilization ratio of machines, improved throughput and even 40 % more blocks.