Customer's voice


  • Control over block production
  • Shortened throughput time, more blocks
  • Material savings
  • Reduced person-hours
  • Efficient utilization of machines
  • Improved quality


“In NESTIX we have an excellent integrated solution in use, and the data architecture is simple. All information is now in one data system which controls fully our part and block production. The project was successful, our goals have been reached and the system has paid itself back.

The best added value of NESTIX is that we always know exactly on the spot what the status of our production is. If we have any disturbances in production - material delivery is late, problems in workshop, or need to stop/start a workshop - it is very easy to make the right decisions with the help of the NESTIX software.

The work queue planning and scheduling in NESTIX is very useful. Whenever the global block sequence is changed, we have to reschedule our production. With NESTIX it takes only 3 hours for one person to reschedule all the workshops in the shipyard. Earlier it was a full time job for three people.”

Yann Crepeau
IT Manager, Manufacturing Department,
STX France Saint-Nazaire


“We have more than 10 workshops to manage at STX Saint-Nazaire. Our goal was to share information in one integrated data solution to synchronize material stock, purchase, logistics, planning, cutting and assembly workshops. Therefore it was necessary for us to stirve for the best possible decision and NESTIX, as our choice, has helped us to improve our production in all these areas and to be LEAN.”

Christophe Schenfeigel
Manufacturing Vice President and Site Director,
STX France Saint-Nazaire