NESTIX has almost 500 customers in 40 countries, and more than 8,000 professionals use NESTIX products daily. Our customers comprise major steel service centers, shipyards, offshore yards, pipe fabricators, mechanical engineering companies and the steel construction industry. NESTIX is a clear leader on the advanced Nordic and European market in prefabrication area.

NESTIX case studies describe how our customers use NESTIX systems in their own business. These case studies offer information on the possibilities to utilize NESTIX systems in the metal industry. 

Rautaruukki case study
NESTIX has more than 25 years of experience of close cooperation with Ruukki in steel prefabrication, quarto plate pro-duction and assembly production. During this period, dozens of advanced features have been... Read more >>>

STX France case study
STX France Saint-Nazaire wanted to improve its efficiency in hull production and to clearly increase its block production capacity with the same production system. At the same time the goal was to take principles of LEAN... Read more >>>

Flinkenberg case study
The Flinkenberg Steel Service Center was expanding, and the existing management solutions and facilities could no longer meet the demands of the production. The expanding business required centralized management for... Read more >>>

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