Steel Service Centers

MES for steel service centers

The NESTIX data system supports the whole SSC process starting from product sales and continuing until delivery and invoicing of end products. This production-oriented data system controls part fabrication and welding assembly work phases. The system uses real geometries and contains all work preparation and part nesting functions in one integrated software package, hereby differing from traditional ERP systems. This enables SSC to network with their end customers, material suppliers and subcontractors.

Profound understanding

The NESTIX software has a unique bottom-up production-oriented approach to the control of prefabrication shops. Our strength lies in the profound understanding of production processes. The software is developed in cooperation with major steel service centers, and it includes production philosophies and practices applied from the mechanical engineering industry.

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Customer benefits

  • SSC control
  • Accurate sales
  • Shortened throughput time
  • Material savings
  • Efficient utilization of machines
  • Improved quality
  • Secure choise

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Key features

  • Integration with other data systems
  • Sales tools
  • Control over orders
  • Work preparation
  • Nesting of parts
  • Material management
  • Scheduling of production
  • Shop floor control
  • System reliability

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