Smartest plate nesting and NC software

The most advanced software for nesting and controlling plate cutting processes

The NESTIX Cutting software is the smartest NC programming system for plate cutting machines on the market. It is the result of 30 years of development work together with our customers. It supports all the latest plate cutting technologies in flame, plasma, laser, water jet and shear cutting as well as in routers. The latest software technologies make NESTIX Cutting easy to learn and fast to use, but also to create a flexible platform to support new cutting technologies in the future.

NESTIX Cutting may be used as a stand-alone part geometry drafting, plate part nesting and NC programming software for plate cutting machines. Depending on customer needs, it may also be expanded into a unique NESTIX prefabrication shop data system to control the whole part fabrication and assembly process. NESTIX contains specialized software packages for different application areas; steel service centers, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and offshore, and steel construction industry.

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Customer benefits

  • Supports all machine types
  • Faster
  • Material saving
  • Efficient cutting
  • Extensive data management
  • Standard platform
  • Secure choice

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Key features

  • Fast dxf/dwg/xml import
  • Import set for customer drawings
  • Error detection for geometries
  • Easy-to-create macro shapes
  • Text marking
  • Point and line marking
  • Info text
  • Quality classes (water/laser)
  • Easy bevel cutting
  • Manual nesting
  • Semi-automatic nesting
  • Automatic nesting
  • New dynamic nesting
  • Multiplate nesting
  • Plate buffer nesting
  • Multihead nesting
  • Common line cutting
  • Ridges
  • Automatic and manual bridges
  • Remnant management (true shape, clean, straight)
  • Automatic and manual cutter path
  • Simulation
  • Nesting report
  • Labels
  • Various machine technologies
  • MS SQL database
  • Smart drawing tool for parts

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