Management of plate cutting

The NESTIX MES system manages planning and cutting works of prefabrication shops. NESTIX MES is easy to introduce, and it includes efficient real-time tools for production managers, planners and workshop workers. The status of orders and parts can be monitored in real time, and production information travels with orders all the way from order creation to the completion of parts.

Customer benefits

  • Real-time status of orders and parts
  • Supports LEAN production
  • Faster production - reduced costs
  • Time saving in planning and production
  • Material saving and reduced loss
  • Efficient usage of remnants
  • Shortened throughput time

Key features

  • Reading parts from CAD systems and automatic part geometry checks
  • Advanced drawing tool
  • Supports almost all flame, plasma and laser cutting machines and water jets
  • Nesting to several plates and remnants simultaneously
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic nesting
  • Managing remnants with actual geometries
  • Cutter path, NC code and path simulation
  • Managing work queues
  • Managing material pick lists
  • Flexible timing, loading and prioritization of works
  • Starting and completing works
  • Managing pauses, disturbances and rejections
  • Part packing
  • Nesting report and labels
  • MS SQL database
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Extensible to whole production

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