New NESTIX products

We are constantly developing our software in order to meet our customers' changing needs. With our new advanced products we help our customers operate more efficiently and competitively. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our new products at sales@nestix.com.



  • Mirror image cutting

NESTIX has added a new cutting method to the NESTIX Cutting software - mirror image cutting. The program cuts one or more parts as a mirror image either on the same plate or on two plates that are placed next to each other. Normally two torches are used and the user can adjust the positioning of the mirror axis or calculate its default position. The feature is used, for example at shipyards when parts from both sides of the ship are cut at the same time.

  • Rapid nesting function

Another new feature in the NESTIX Cutting software is the new rapid nesting function. The program calculates cutting time and material need for the desired delivery quantity without first having to fill in the order information. This significantly speeds up the offer calculation.

  • Auto-nesting

New and more powerful calculation algorithms have been developed into the auto-nesting of the NESTIX Cutting software, achieving even better nestings by even shorter calculation time. This enables more efficient use of materials and production capacity, as well as more efficient work planning.

NESTIX ANALYSIS - Management reporting system

NESTIX Analysis is a business management tool which allows effective monitoring of production statistics in a graphical form. NESTIX Analysis includes standard presentation views of the most common economic and production indicators. Users can also create their own views and reports, suitable for their own needs.

Production reporting using barcodes

NESTIX has published a software module which enables production reporting with handheld scanners using bar- or QR-codes. Using barcodes e.g. in cutting, beveling, welding, inspection and packaging work phases significantly reduces the amount of errors and considerable speeds up the collecting of production information and reporting works completed. The NESTIX software of the handheld scanner is always connected with a server, and therefore, the data transfer between production and management occurs in real time.


New products coming up

Increasing the level of automation

A completely new software for the work planning modeling process that uses an unseen approach. The tool enables automate repetitive design work planning chains which will further increase the degree of automation in offer calculation and work planning.

NESTIX Profile Cutting - new integrated features for profile cutting

Being the smartest nesting and NC programming system for plate cutting, NESTIX Cutting supports also profile cutting and corresponding profile cutting robots, tube cutting machines and coping robots.