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Versatile NESTIX production control systems

Most advanced software for nesting and controlling the plate cutting process

Software for controlling
the plate cutting process

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Most advanced plate part nesting software on the market
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Production control systems and softwares with 30 years of experience

NESTIX is a unique integrated production control system for part fabrication and welding assembly, including work preparation and part nesting functions. NESTIX SSC production control system is targeted for steel service centers, NESTIX ME production control system for mechanical engineering, NESTIX SHIP production control system for shipyards and NESTIX STEELCON production control system for steel construction industry. NESTIX supports all the major material splitting production processes like cutting, sawing and slitting, and also welding assembly and other processes to produce parts and assemblies from plate and profile material.

The deep understanding of the realities in the prefabrication accumulated over the last 30 years gives NESTIX a unique opportunity to build up an effective production control system for its customers.

NESTIX has over 420 customers in 36 countries, and more than 6,000 professionals use NESTIX products daily.

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Latest news and updates

27.10.2014 – NESTIX Ltd. delivers plate nesting system to Repay AB

NESTIX Ltd. has signed an agreement with the Swedish Repay AB for the delivery of the nesting software NESTIX Cutting.

15.10.2014 - NESTIX News

As our latest product we have published a new software module which enables production reporting with handheld devices using barcodes.

1.10.2014 - NESTIX News

New features for NESTIX Cutting Software

10.9.2014 - ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) 2014

NESTIX took part in ONS 2014, one of the key offshore industry exhibitions, on August 25th – 28th at Stavanger, Norway together with the other Arctic Europe companies.

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