Reliable partner for prefabrication business

NESTIX was founded in 1982 and has developed software applications for part and assembly production in prefabrication shops from the very beginning. NESTIX is the first supplier on the market and a leading supplier of prefabrication shop data systems in Europe. NESTIX has been awarded the AAA rating for 15 years, a proof of the stable and profitable growth of the company. Since May 2016, NESTIX Ltd. became subsidiary to Intergraph Power, Process & Marine (PPM), part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B).

Solutions through experience

NESTIX has almost 500 customers in 40 countries, and more than 8,000 professionals use NESTIX software daily. Our customers include major steel service centers, shipyards, offshore yards, pipe fabricators, mechanical engineering companies and the steel construction industry. Tens of millions of parts are made using the NESTIX software every year.

Continuous development

NESTIX has always developed its solutions in cooperation with its partner clients. This ensures that the decisions made during the software development process are in line with the reality in the prefabrication. We are always willing to learn more from our customers in order to develop the software further. The continuous development of the NESTIX software corresponds with the rapid changes of our modern world.